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Adidas and Common Goal teamed up to strengthen their commitment to football communities worldwide to create a more inclusive sport for everyone, and asked us to portray their vision.


Through a 1 min inspirational video we were able to put Adidas as a global leader in the football space and connect them with the heart of their audience.


J2's inception video, a symbolic portrayal of birth and connection, marked a turning point for the fashion brand. Depicting individuals as sperm cells, the metaphorical journey resonates globally, positioning J2 alongside high-end international labels.

Released two years ago, our video not only adorned their website and social media but catalyzed remarkable growth.

J2 now thrives with its own manufacturing workshop, two local stores, and international acclaim. At Wasabi, we pride ourselves on crafting transformative visual narratives, and J2's success is a testament to the impactful stories we tell.

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